Monday, January 25, 2010

Where do you get your protein?

Well it's 8:09 here in Fort Bragg and it's still raining (it has for the past 2 weeks with an exception to saturday). Today we are practicing for our student demonstrations we have to do. I am preparing Crispy Sweet Onion Rings, which entails slicing 5 1/2 lbs of onions today, and 2 1/2 on Wednesday, should be fun!

I suppose i should update my moods and things like that, today i woke up no problem, and I feel really excited about something? Im not quite exactly sure, but it's that kind of euphoric feeling i've been getting lately!! I ate all raw yesterday thanks to my darling Dara, and Edgar who made me stuff like raw hot chocolate, a green smoothie, these delicious cabbage bites with walnut cilantro pesto, topped with a salad of cucumbers, apples, radishes, radish greens, lemon, and salt! Then we put diced tomatoes and cubed avocado on top! They were incredible, but my camera was dead from all those mushroom pictures i had taken so there regretfully is no photo documentation! The raw chocolate was made from maca powder, vanilla powder, some special chinese herbs, coconut butter, flax oil, salt, agave, and cashews, i'm sure im forgetting some ingredients but ill check with Dara.

Ok about the question "Where do you get your protein?" : Well it's a massive misconception that you can only get protein from animal foods. Greens are 50% protein by calorie, so in theory if you were to only eat greens (which is unrealistic but it's just an example) youwould get more protein than if you were to eat just meat. Also when your eating raw, you are absorbing your protein better, thus getting more protein then what you would from animal protein. Here are some great vegetarian ways to get protein: 1 tablespoon of Spirulina (5g) Hemp seeds are high in protein 5-6% but sorry aussie's you can't get it in seed in Australia. And just eat a green smoothie in the morning to get that extra boost of protein! There are also some supplements like Vita mineral Green powder you can put in your drink if you think you need more protein!

Ok off to school i go!! Hope this helped!

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