Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ill write some recipes for you guys tomorrow, i have off!! Yay so ill try to put some usefully information up!

80's Night in Fort Bragg!

Fourth Course French Vanilla Ice Cream with a cherry brownie. Dara's team!

Third Course Caesar Salad, with zucchini croutons. Edgar's team!

Second Course, Chunky Gazpacho Soup! This was my groups creation!

First Course, Italian Almond Torte, very creamy and delicious.

Dara, Edgar and Myself, 3,6,9 <3

Homemade Chai with a Nut Creamer....very delicious!

My brunch, i forgot to take the photo before i dug in and woofed it down!

The Brunch buffet.

Ok so Edgar said, romaine lettuce is a good source of Serotonin, as well as, a good source of vitamin A, C, K, and Folate. My cousin also just said a good way to get Serotonin is hugs, kisses, exercise and sex. They all seem like pretty fun, manageable ways to get some happiness happening!

Today we did a small catering event at school for all the employee's and a few of the students guests so Ill put some pictures up of that, with our student brunch we had today too. Karrilee, Tyler and I went to some 80's party with the staff of Living Light and we shook our tail feathers, then headed home for a late night snack of leftover dessert! It was fun to see our chef's out of their uniforms, i almost didn't recognize them! Well for now that's all i've got!

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