Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well I'm not sure if i really have any followers, but I like to pretend that i do! haha If you've been following you'll see that yesterday was my first day without an update. Unfortunately i was so sick i could hardly even hold my head up, but i did a pretty good job because i sat through our nutrition class which was 8 hours long, so by the time i got home from school it was nearly 7:30 pm and i went to bed at 8.

I am very fortunate to be here, at Fort Bragg, with so many loving, healing people! I had friends driving me home, taking my temperature, making me juice, tucking me in, my lovely friend beth did some reflexology on my feet, while my sweet fellow Aussie, Carolyn "asked the fairies" to make me feel better, not to mention all the other positive energy and love everyone was sending my way! Well let me tell you that i feel so much better today, so thank you to everyone who gave me all that lovin!

So let me describe how sick i felt yesterday. I woke in the am soo unbelievably nauseous, and had painful diarrhea, as well as this weird sensation in my head. I could not focus on anything with or without my glasses on. So during one break from the overwhelming amount of information we received yesterday, i got some cuddles and love from carolyn which made me feel a lot better. Also my friend beth noticed i had low energy in my kidney region, which is funny because i have kidney stones on the lining of my kidneys. Well i use to anyway, we (Russell and I) are manifesting them to dissolve and leave my body painlessly! So all these symptoms are a direct affect from my recent 90% raw vegan change in diet. It is called detoxification.

Detoxification is sometimes very horrible and painful, but it is necessary for your body to rid itself of unwanted toxic matter. For example years of built up toxins from anything from pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, pesticides, to a number of processed foods you've eaten. Fortunately i understand that going thru this will help me become a healthier person and hopefully it will lead to a gain in strength and correct some of the problems i listed in my first blog. Only time will tell, but i am feeling about 90% better today, and am looking forward to some fun for today. Today we got out of class around 2:45 and that's the earliest we've been off yet, so im happy to be feeling better!

Sorry about the lack of pictures for today but nutrition wasn't all that inspiring to take pictures. Maybe well do something fun and i will upload some tonight! Peace and Love


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  1. Glad you feel better emmy. you have lots of people that love your blog.