Monday, January 18, 2010


Our clover sprouts being dehusked!

Our Sunflower Sprouts, aren't they amazing!!

My group's spring rolls.

Asian Spring Rolls.

Me with my spring rolls, no this is not 100% raw...the rice paper is cooked.

Our Asian style Wild Rice...pretty good!

This might be the closest i get to the Red woods this trip!

Our Not Tuna Pate...freaking amazing!

Our Organic Crudite.

Today we changed our groups that we were working in for the first week. It was a pretty fun and eventful day, but again pretty basic stuff. We made no tuna pate, which was really really fantastic!!!! Then we made a crudite platter. I forgot to photograph my lunch. I suppose i need to update you on my physical activity. Well lately my only physical activity was raising my fork to my mouth! I haven't really done much stretching, ok only a minute amount. Well tomorrow we have to read these introductions about ourselves which is going to be pretty interesting. Well im off to bed....i will put up some recipes soon! Peace and Love <3


  1. food looks amazing!!!!! don't know about the falic rice paper rolls. haha

  2. i finally figured out how to comment. that tree must have been huge. can't wait to see the redwood forests.

  3. sweet apron eileen