Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today was so long...

Tomorrow we have yet another long day, and today was pretty long as well! We ended the day on a yummy dessert filled afternoon, delicious but total mayhem! Im happy to be cuddled up in my bed, cant wait to fall asleep....until saturday. I have off so im hoping to give you some good recipes and health tips!! Thanks for reading! xo

Walnut Banana Berry Cake

Andrea's banana boats, with berry sorbet!

Brazillian Avocado Mousse

Tropical banana split!

Tropical Banana Split, Mango ice cream, topped with Cashew Cream, wet walnuts, hot fudge, with a cherry on top!

Darling Dara, eating her lunch!

My friend Andrea's team appetizer. So pretty, and delicious. (rosemary pesto, on a flax cracker)

Sun Dried Tomato canolleni with an Olive Tapenade. Yum.

My breakfast, a tye dye smoothie!

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  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMM please make me a walnut banana berrry cake mmmmmmmmm looks YUM!!!!!
    love the tie die smooothie!!