Thursday, January 14, 2010

Peace Love and Vegetables

I keep forgetting to tell ya'll about these euphoric emotions that overwhelm me throughout the day! Sometimes i feel how lucky i am to have such an amazing supportive family, and a great group of friends, other times i'm so grateful for all the knowledge that my chef instructors are sharing and spreading with us, and sometimes i'm so grateful for the new group of amazing people who came into my life the past 5 days!! It feels like time is standing still, and that everything will be alright, no matter what! Well that's all i can handle now, i will find a scale and do a weigh in soon. Until then here's some photos and food for thought! Wish us luck on our exam tomorrow! Peace love and Vegetables!

A midnight snack for my roomies and I, sushi is a quick healthy late night snack, it had avocados, marinated mushrooms, sprouts, carrots, red pepper (capsicum) nutritional yeast, dipped into a sesame miso dressing and squirted with some liquid amino acids! My rommie's really seemed to like it, the seaweed (raw) is much different flavor to toasted nori, it was kind a too fishy for me!
A pretty looking soup, but looks can be deceiving! This was more like a thick green bitter dressing with some pretty garnishes on top. It is a big challenge working in a group when you're use to being the only one to choice flavors. I'm working on listening to others, while staying true to my taste buds, we'll get there! This was called Avocashew Soup.
THe most delicious soup ever, Red Pepper Carrot Love Soup. A DELCIOUS LIL TASTE BOMB!
Here's a toyota land cruiser, for my husband Russell, lets just say it's in perfect condition!
Dream Bar! Thats for freaking gonna be dreaming about these for the rest of my life!
5 of us got together and had 3 desserts, the pecan tart (yes i had one yesterday but it was so good had to have one today, and yes i will buy one tomorrow as well!!!!!) Mudslide Cheesecake
Almost my first bite, i look awkward!
Karrilee or lisa simpson i can't tell who, getting down and dirty with her lunch and cute apron!
Mexican Rice with peas, salsa fresco guacamole, zucchini wraps topped with Cilantro Tahini dressing, with some flax chips!
I might have been imitating a rabbit or t'rex? Not sure why?

I have 3 beautiful people helping me study tonight, we are doing a 93 question review. The course is turning out to be pretty intense, we're in school for about 8 or 9 hours a day maybe longer. Then we don't get home till around 6:30 or 7 and it's "quite time" at 9, so are day's are just swallowed up by raw food information and propaganda . Diabetes =giant babies. Well i said diabetes and my friend KarriLee said GIANT BABIES. We are all a bit slap happy!! Today we made dressings and soups and we had the most amazing lunch!!! We had mexican rice, with peas and spices, with Salsa Fresca, with guacamole topped with a cilantro tahini creme fresh! With a small side salad with all the fixings!! Freaking Delicious!!


  1. you make a cute rabbit

  2. are they onions? like @ thanksgiving w/aunt bj and debs?? i wish i could post thse pix!!!