Monday, January 11, 2010

I was 100% raw today!

This morning we started class at 8 am. They had waiting for us a delicious green smoothie with E3live ( and Vita mineral Green ( with celery sticks, soaked almonds, and romaine leaves. Then for a mid morning snack they gave us an amazing green juice and more romaine leaves and nibbly stuff.

Lunch on the other hand was very delicious, I forgot my camera cause i was so starving i raced to get food and quickly wolfed it down (that is not the raw food way, yer suppose to savor and appreciate while chewing it slowly). We had a bed of greens topped with shredded carrots, clover sprouts, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes (which by the way i still do not like...i put one in my mouth and as it burst i open my mouth and it squirted everywhere and i started to gag a lil bit, but one day i will learn to pop those F-ers in my mouth and like it. Then they had these amazing raw olives that were dehydrated and marinated in garlic and hot peppers, they were fantastic ( i want back for more)! Then i topped my salad with raw saurkraut, italian dressing, nutritional yeast, Earth Powder (also from Himalayan sea salt, cracked black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes (spicy), sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds (papitas) dulse flakes. I believe that was it, soo yummy, i had 2 portions!

Then we did some learning of sorts (it's a bit slow for me right now) very basic information on things i feel pretty confident in. I am trying to look at it more like a lesson in patience (i lack them quite often) and i have to remember I don't know everything, and it's great to see other peoples techniques! Ok but back to the yummy stuff....let's just say Black Forrest Brownies!! We made 2 types, one with carob, the other with cacao. Sometimes carob can be a bit weird for me, but today the carob took the throne! My friend Karrielee and I were talking about how we wanted to swim thru the batter with our mouths open wide. I would seriously be happy suffocating on over eating these brownies, no lie! They are made from walnuts, dates, carob powder, cherry extract, pinch of salt, water, and dried cherries. I think that's all the ingredients, it's dark in here and my roomie's are sleeping so i cant get the recipe out. Don't worry Canberra i will be making them in february for sure!!

Then we made raw sushi for dinner! I have made a lot of sushi, thanks to cousin Pat and my friend Rham who are sushi chefs, so this was a good twist off an old trick. I posted a picture below with a description!

I had a great bonding night with some of the other's who are staying here at the inn. I was laughing so hard at one point my ab muscles were aching, and tears were coming out. I'll just say that im very happy with the room i got here at the Inn, some of the other's are a bit more snug then we are in here. And apparently one room had a surprise visit from a roof cat! That's right it is the second sighting of a roof cat in the last 6 months. A cat must climb on the roof, get thru a window and cuddle on their beds while they're not there, but that wasn't going down for a couple of the girls. So funny. The other roof cat i saw was in Austin TX, i suppose cat's are climbers, or one time my friend Casey said "Cat's like windows". Im cracking myself up here, but it's probably not all that funny to you. It's late and i got an early class in the morning, hope someone's enjoying me rambling on!

This is a raw chocolate heart my roommate Andrea made from scratch at an extracurricular chocolate class: it was garnished with almonds, dried mulberries, and coconut. Tempered to the perfect snap and melt in your mouth delicious! I still have the non raw chocolate bar in my bedside table, thanks to this love heart from heaven!

Raw Sushi with clover sprouts as rice, avocado, cucumbers, carrots, red pepper (capsicum), scallions (shallots), shredded kale, spicy miso paste, wasabi and raw nori. Dipped in wheat free tamari! This was dinner and an afternoon snack.

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  1. lets hve a sushi party!!! mmmm looks yummy-