Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday in a Nut shell

I just liked this whole scene, very cool little town here!
Pepe La Pu!
Emily, Edgar, Dara, and Me
Having fun on some old trains!
This is for Russell, it was an awesome "baby blue" van, it reminded me of Joe's, even though his is a ford!

Today has been another long day of delicious raw food, once again i am stuffed to the brim! It is pretty late and my roomies are asleep, something i wish i was, so i will keep it brief today. I was completely raw again today, so that makes 2 full days of 100% raw, but all in all it's been 5 days of healthy eating! My photos should help you get an idea of what we did today, i'm sorry this is all i got left. I might post some pics of a couple of us went for a walk and had some fun on our break.... peace love and goodnight!

This doesn't look all that nice since i mixed up the sauce and then realized i forgot to take a picture, but it's zucchini pasta with marinara sauce, and a pesto sauce. So good!
Today we made a good ole' fashioned apple pie, with a pecan carob and fig crust, shredded apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, topped with a lattice of sliced apples, and Dolloped with some cashew whipped cream! Pretty delicious as well!

This is my delicious flavorful salad i don't know if i can even name everything that was on it today, but ill give it a go. Caesar salad with croutons, olives, pickled red onions, saurkraut, tomatoes, spicy cucumbers, a carrot parsnip mix, clover sprouts, topped with nutritional yeast, dulse flakes, Earth powder (www.vitamineral.com) and a half of avocado with lots of crushed red pepper flakes. Man now thats a delicious salad!!!
I saw this little guy on my walk to school today, when I tried to hurry him along he raised his tail at me and freaked me out, so i ran!

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