Sunday, January 10, 2010


It is currently 8:58 am in Fort Bragg, CA. and I am still in bed, listening to Tim Barry's "Wait in Milano". I'm not sure why I think I might keep up a blog, but for some reason I am motivated right now. I have a "travel journal" that I haven't written in since September 3rd, and I have been traveling since August 25th, but I'll try and stay focused.

So yesterday I started a Raw Food course ( ) here in Northern California. It's going to be an amazing few weeks, and I thought that I should document some info to see if any drastic changes occur during my stay here:

Weight: 115 lbs or 52 kilos (I'm hoping not to lose any weight)
I get very tired often.
Feel like crap when I wake up.
Have bags under my eyes.
Have poor circulation.
Although I don't want to admit this, quite often I can be moody.
Get Nervous or anxious often.
Can't touch my toes.
Have a poor memory.

Well those are a few for now. Let me set some "rules" for myself while I'm here:
I am going to try and eat 90% to 100% raw.
Do some yoga at least once a day.
Exercise 5 times a week.
Wake up early.
Go to sleep early.
And write on the blog daily.

It's pretty cold here and I enjoy warm food in my belly so I reckon this is going to be a challenge, and I want to set reachable goals so I've allotted the 10% not raw rule. I am not experienced in yoga at all and my hamstrings are so tight it's ridiculous. I really hate running, but my husband and I have not worked since August so we are out of cash and running is a free form of exercise (gulp). Well it might be time to start my day. Thanks for reading.


  1. very ambitious-- i wish you much success as a student and a blogger
    and yes- it is time to start your day

  2. hey blog star!

    Your bedroom looks like an absolute palace! holy crap cuz! No wonder you are awe-inspired in that genie bottle.

    Keep up the good work, it is great to read your posts.

    Love you!!