Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sea Glass Beach does it again!
Dara and I
Seaweed Art, it looks glorious!
Me on a rock!
Looking at some delcious sea glass, and seaweed!
This was a green soup my friend Dara made for dinner....very yummy!
Banana Ice Cream with rasberry coulis and Chocolate Sauce!! Also delicious, and so easy!

I remembered to photograph this after i was more than halfway done! It was the tastiest thing i might of ever had!! Chocolate pecan Tart with candied pecans!! TO DIE FOR!

This was all we ate for lunch today "The Fruit of the Mother" and i had some leftover "pasta" for lunch, no photo cause it didn't look all that pretty today!

I've been up all night with my beautiful friend Dara, trying to figure out how to upload HD videos, and resize them...we're not doing all that well, and hopefully it will upload! all i have for you today is this little clip of us being silly on our lunch break, then we had to sprint back to class with our friends Edgar and Annie! Oh i forgot the most important part of the day...we watched a movie called The FUTURE OF FOOD, EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS!!!

Unfortunately i could not figure out the uploading the video i think the file is too big, oh well. Here are some photos of are beautiful day... Ill explain more soon! Sorry if this post is extremely scattered its 1 am and im pooped.

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