Sunday, January 17, 2010

This was a cute horse...i liked it!

Just look how vibrant and alive this red cabbage looks....yum!

This is a raw pie my friend Karrilee made...i haven't tasted it yet, maybe tomorrow!

These are some of my girls...sorry Andrea I will take this down if it bothers you?! Andrea, Luciana, and Carolyn.

This is a raw quinoa wrap, Andrea and Luciana both had this meal. Delicious.

5 of us went to a vegan restaurant called Raven in Mendocino, , my meal was not raw, but most delcious!! Homemade raviolis with local chestnuts and leeks, with chipotle mushrooms, braised kale in a butternut squash jus! so good!

This is a piece of heart shaped spinach on a gorgeous pomegranate! Love is in the Air, I miss you Russell! xo

Well after school a few of us girls took a trip to Mendocino, to a gorgeous restaurant and eco friendly lodge called the Stanford inn. It was such an amazing vibe and it had the cutest, warm, cozy, place, as well as an awesome lil gift shop! It was such a fun experience and i think i needed some warming comfort food to slow down my detoxing process.

I am in the kitchen with Luciana, Edgar, and Dara we are being bad and staying up past 9:00 well its now 11:00 and im going to hit the hay! Good night to all my followers hahahaha!

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